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Can Someone Confirm

That the proc rates have changed and are now not accurately represented on the item description? I have noticed a huge drop in proc rates for many items since the update.

It seems like the largest drop is to extra actions from moving, with a reduction of 25 to 50% for Joppa, Naomlen, and Saarvin.

Overall proc rates seem to be down by about 25% for most, but not all, items. It has gotten to the point that i am checking to make sure i have the correct item equipped after a battle, challenge, etc.

In addition, misses and resist has gone way up. In battles, i have had effects resisted about 33% to 50% of the time lately.

If this is an intended change, the devs needs to indicate as such and adjust descriptions accordingly. if not, a fix would be nice.

Have the devs given any explanation yet? (or more likely a denial, 'we are so sorry the pesky garden gnomes of our poor programming have infected your game lately… but everything is working as intended.")


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