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Can someone explain Dracos swap in

I seriously don’t under this move. It says sawo in for 40% of the targets health… but I’ve swapped in a few that do not have armor and I’ll do like 600 health on a 4 or 5k health dino… Then just now I swapped in on an uncloaked Indom, 4500 heatlh, they had 1k left and I did 900 damage… 40% of 4500 is 1800… I am beyond lost. Are my calculations off or is this thing broken?

Indom has 50% resistance against rending moves. Several other dinos also have this partial immunity, which is why it didn’t cause as much damage as it would have.


Some creatures like indom have rend resist. That will reduce the damage a draco swap in will do.

Dang… I didn’t think of that… :man_facepalming:

Now I just wish if you killed a creature swapping out that it wouldn’t bring in the other creature. Drew a match because they swapped out and my snake killed it, but their turtle still popped in a killed me.

Armor, Rend Resistance, Shields, and Dodge/Cloak can all reduce the damage. Indom in particular has 50% Rend Resist, and I suspect some of the others you’ve run into do as well.

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But Draco isn’t a rending swap in. It’s an actual damage of 40% of your opponents max health minus armor, dodge etc. I checked with Ludia and they confirmed it’s not a rend move but have made no attempt to correct the SID to 40% outright. :man_shrugging:

not sure that can be true… same picture as rend.

Hmm it doesn’t actually say rend, it says swap in savagery… 40% of health. So I wonder what it’s supposed to be.

It’s like
50% Resistance = insert rend divided by 2
75% Resistance = insert rend divided by 3
and etc.