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Can someone explain the different rarities to me?

Common, rare, super rare, legendary all make sense. However I do not understand what gives all the legendaries different value. There is the ones with lines around the photo (Like Dracorex) then ones with golden hexagons (Like Thylacosmilus). THEN there are the ones with both (Like Gorgogsaurus) so what is the difference? This isn’t even mentioning Yudon and the sort.

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Gorgosaurus and Dracorex are Tournament creatures so they have shiny cards and they are stronger than regular Legendaries, Thylacosmilus is a VIP creature which is even stronger so it is shinier.

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Oh sweet thank you. So from worst to best it’s, Legendary, Tournament Legendary, then VIP Legendary?


Also what about the different colored hybrids? Why do they have that color?

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Those that are a little bit more glossy, like Gorgosuchus or Segnusuchus need at least one tournament legendary for the hybrid, the others can be evolved with “normal” creatures.

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With hybrids its same thing common,rare,super rare,tournament and super hybrids… we dont have Vips hybrids…

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They would be so OP :joy:


And would unbalance the game in a huuuuuuge way


Here we have BaryEDM health 25,000 attack 8,000 :joy:

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Barreeudimorphodon :grimacing:


So I’m pretty sure people have explained it already, but in case you’re unsure still:

Legendaries with just normal white backgrounds are normal legendaries. Think T-Rex.

Legendaries with golden beams shooting out of them (lol that’s the best way I can explain) are Tournament Legendaries. Dracorex and Gorgosaurus are tournament legendaries. You unlock these at the last battle stages in the game or by reaching Dominator in tournaments. They’re stronger than legendaries.

Legendaries with golden hexagons are VIPs. These are insanely strong, and as such, have no hybrids. Thylacosmilus is a VIP. You get these in Loyalty Point packs and I think maybe Trade Harbor later? You cannot unlock VIPs or buy them with DNA in the market.

Hybrids with just the golden border and some golden hexagons are normal legendary hybrids. Their highest rarity component is a normal legendary. Indominus Rex is a legendary hybrid.

Hybrids with purple shiny backgrounds are tournament hybrids. These are just like hybrids, but their highest rarity component is a tournament legendary. Yudon is a tournament legendary.


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I was going to say isn’t the game unbalanced a lot rn anyway? It’s why in PvE we face level 146 irritators and level 389 coliborynchus

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this is because of your ferocity…
My PvEs


What. Am. I. Looking. At.

That’s worse than my tournament mismatches…

but i won :v:


That’s the spirit :muscle:t4: