Can someone explain the LONG delay when there's a speedtie

So can someone explain to me, what is the very long delay 5 to 10 seconds during a speedtie when both players select an instant move. I’m not talking about the milliseconds because I’m way to far from the server here (though I’ll be happy when they implement a different way to decide speedties still). I’m talking about selecting an instant attack, watching the in game clock going down by 5 to 10 SECONDS, and then bam, you receive the instant attack from your opponent. Where does that long delay come from. I know animations can cause a delay. Ex.: In front, there’s a wounded Mortem, that killed my previous dino. I select my own Mortem. I know where the button will be. I press it as soon as I see it and I loose 100% of the speedties (probably because the animation was done much faster on my opponent’s phone). But again this is what, 500 milliseconds? Or one second max??? So it’s not the distance to the server, it’s not animation time. It’s not a difference between dino rarity or speed. An instant move is whoever press first. But it’s 5 to 10 seconds, watching the in game timer going down, after you press your own instant move, and finally ending up receiving your opponent’s instant move before your own goes off. I almost have the time to get myself a coffee after pressing my instant move before I finally get hit in the face first.

Curiously yours,