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Can someone explain the resistances to me?

So I heard there was a big update that got released. Hopped on and noticed a whole lot of stuff is changed. I think I understand the move changes, but I don’t think I’m understanding how resistances work. For example, do they reduce the amount of damage a slowing move does or does it reduce how much of a speed reduction you get?

Some resistances reduce the amount of distraction, speed reduction, bleed damage, that you are affected by. For example:

You have 100% damage. You get hit by a 50% distraction move, but have Resistance: Distraction 50%. Instead of your damage being reduced by 50%, your damage is reduced by 25%.

Other resistances are binary (swap prevention, stun). For example:

You get hit by an Instant Charge with a 75% chance to stun you. You have Resistance: Stun 50%. If the 75% chance happens and you’re supposed to get stunned, you then have a 50% chance to avoid the stun.

Hopefully that can explain a bit. Check the release notes under the Resistances section.

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