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Can someone explain the Sport Teams Red and Blue to me?

Is it really random fate what you get to dart?

I see people in the news topic about this event acting like they have the right to dart both rare compy and epic compy. (different teams)

This week’s showcase in the news section only shows me Red Team spawns and true so far those are the only spawns I have seen.

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I personally think Ludia randomly selected our teams. At least they should have asked us which team we are on red or blue.

That’s what I was worried about

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If u read the schedule in the news, we get to dart both red and blue teams. With 2 days for each sets of rare(red/blue) and 1 day each of epics(red/blue).
The red/blue teams incubators are based on THEIR TEAM and u get those rewards but you can do all of them is what I’ve gathered

I have yet to see a single Blue team spawn on any green drop.

First day 2 days of rares are red i think


That makes sense if they switch around tomorrow, but this should have been clarified at the time. Either we wait to see what spawns tomorrow or someone does the decent thing and communicates with us.

Can’t u see the weekly calendar on ur news?

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See third sentence of original post.

I can see the weekly calendar on the news it says there are 4 rare spawns today, but there are only two.

I wasn’t talking to you but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking bout the calendar under the showcase, which if u go thru day by day tell us all the spawns

So why are only two out of four rare’s spawning today when the calendar shows 4 rares?

If ur only seeing 2 on the map rj maybe its just chance?

How many have you seen? Which ones have you seen?

I’ve seen all 4 already

I got 3 event drops near, which is lucky, and so yeah I’ve seen them

I will wait it out then and see what re-spawns.

I see the Calendar. I really hope it is broken up into days.

Ok i’ve seen a third one, your concern is now moot.

Are you talking about the store incubators, cos the spawns are clearly divided?