Can someone explain this for me? Like I'm a 2 year old?


So, I’m not an entire idiot, I know when you get skip buffs put one you. Today I fought a bunch of fights and for some reason, when my dino dies, my opponent gets 2 back to back hits on me, the a third, before I can even attack. So I lose my dino, rinse and repeat till I lose.

I never get to attack first, yet when I kill a dino, I get 1 hit, not the same 2 or three, and if I change out my dino, then they get 2 automatically… and since when can raptor just spam pounce? Lost 3k health in 3 consecutive pounce attacks before I could even do shit. Left me with 200ish health.

Games lame af.

Explain please.


Most likely it was a speed decrease on you which made the other opponent faster they may have stunned you giving them the feel of 2-3 attacks back to back.

Its all about combos and strategy.

Edit: not sure about the raptor.


It sounds like your dinos are just slower. Are you using mostly tanky dinos? Those tend to be substantially slower than other archetypes. If yout opponent is using a faster dino then youll take a hit, return a hit then the next turn begins and the faster dino takes your slow dino out.

As far as switching out a dino, thats your command for that turn. At the beginning of your turn you chose to switch your dino counting as your command for the turn, then your opponent attacks and the next turn begins.

Im not sure on the pounce. There are more than one raptor in the game. Did they switch then pounce?


The raptor in this are a joke went up against lvl 11 just now killed my 3 dino and i only got 1 shot what is the point in playing against that


U need an raptor counter :wink: like Stegosaurus.
Also good leveled.