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Can someone explain this please!

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My current party

The party it gave me… Why add current party events that dont work…

As near as I can figure it out, this is an explanation of how it works and why.
The main problem is that the way all the event PvP works is you are put in the general Arena queue, but with your trophy count artificially boosted. This gives you extra hard fights. This totally failed with Current Party, because the event players had a significant advantage over the regular Arena players. There was (or maybe still is) a problem where the non event players got their current party while fighting people playing the event. Which doesn’t work well if your current pve party isn’t geared or leveled for pvp. So the solution is if you get paired against a real player, you use your roster, and you only use your current party when fighting bots.
Not that anyone has officially told us that how it works.

Well i tried to paste the email they sent me but evidently thats against forum rules so it was blocked. They said current party events is only when fighting bots… Why even do current party I crush bots with any team I want to use my main team on a current party event… Just remove it and fix the other 191837472827 issues plz

Well at least we know why current part events are never current party. I tried playing back when they first did current party, saw that I was still getting losers characters instead of my wrecking crew, and never tried playing it again. Long story short PvP in this game is tedious garbage.

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