Can someone explain this?

So this new annoying terror bird… My opponent just swapped in against my Gemini with 100% swap prevention. I managed to one hit kill but couldn’t swap out afterwards

I don’t understand how the lockdown swap in stops something with 100% swap prevention? Admittedly the two descriptions of the respective abilities do contradict one another so if anyone can shed some light on the matter and explain it I’d appreciate it. Thank you

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It’s already happened a few times, they are fixing it (I think)

Ah okay, didn’t realise it was a known issue. Guess we’ll expect it to fixed around February then?

You are correct. ETA of fix time will be February. February of 2026


Yup, @Mudkipz detailed exactly what is going on here: Phorurex Preventing Swap Resistant/Immune Creatures From Leaving - #12 by Mudkipz

I can’t believe this bug has persisted for almost a month and not even a “we’re looking into it” from @Ned


If a bug/defect does not directly impact Ludia’s income or money making methods, they will not prioritize that particular bug. Just look at alliance chat, raid creature overworld hitboxes, or apple devices receiving offline push notifications while online. All bugs that have gone months/years without any progress towards a fix (that we know of).

Doesn’t bring them money? Doesn’t matter.


Hey everyone! Just wanted to confirm to you all that this issue is actively being investigated.

Thank you for your patience!