Can someone explain to me?

I have occupied 3 epic scents … and only one epic creature has come out in each one … then why is it called epic scent ???. who else believes that if the scent is epic … .said these creatures according to the aroma

Because Epic creatures don’t often, if at all, come from small, large and rare scents An epic scent guarantees you at least one epic.

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then you should increase the percentage in which a rare or epic dino should appear … but what if the aroma is epic or rare?

Yeah only guaranteed one, although you can get more than one… they should up it to 2 or 3 minimum.


if I should increase the possibility of at least 3 … but I’m happy anyway … I got a good amount of majungasaurus that is very useful these days :frowning:


It is frustrating and some bring more than one, but if the math is done you get 397 epic dna for 5000 US dino bucks. So 1000 dino bucks is 1/5 the price and anything more than 79 epic dna you are coming out ahead :slightly_smiling_face:

Just another disappointment in this game.

The majority of the epic scents I’ve opened have yielded exactly 1 epic creature.

Same for rare.

I don’t even bother opening them anymore.

When people go on about how epic scents are good value I always just wonder why they say that.

Every epic scent I’ve had yields exactly one epic, and it’s usually a rubbish one too.


If you want explanation why dont you write down exactly what happened and how you used the scents? Others could find out what went wrong with them.

How could all the guaranteed epic spawns be rubbish? You have at least 33 % chance to get exactly what you want.

With an epic scent there are no guarantees. And I’m not sure what you mean with the 33% chance of getting exactly what I want. Today being a good example, I got a Koola from one and a Mono from the other. Certainly not what I wanted at all!

I could go to a different zone, and every now and then I have. This has sometimes got me a different epic, but never anything special as such.

Personally I’d sooner have a rare scent which at least helps me progress on daily tasks, but hey ho.

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You have an 8% chance of getting what you want, IF you are in the right local area.

…and yes, they are generally trash.

How did you calculate this 8 %?

In every area (besides parks) now there are 3 kind of epic which are spawning there (called local spawns). Hybrid dont count in case of scents. The first spawn of every epic scent is a guaranteed epic from this 3 epic. Therefore if you want an epic which spawns locally (not global spawn) you have 33 % to get it in the appropriate area. If you use epic scents in the appropriate area you will get as much epic DNA as much you want sooner or later, it has nothing to do with luck, its simply mathematical statistics. Dont blame Ludia if you dont know how to use the scents best.

Koolasuchus is a global spawn now, so it cant be the guaranteed epic.

The problem here is that you are assuming I want one of the three that the epic scent may encourage!

I don’t and that’s why I don’t see the correlation of a one in three chance.

Then you should go to the area where those epics are the local spawns which you want to dart. If you use scents in an area where there are not those local epics that you want, then it is really useless to start a scent there.

Ah cool, thanks for the advice :neutral_face:

I really dont understand your point. Scents are to be used in specific areas if someone wants a specific epic. There is no point in using scents without reason. Global epics now are very rarely atracted by epic scents for example. E.g. if you want some titanoboa it requires tons of scents and days of walking.

Adding epic global spawns (eight) with the local spawns of the four local areas (between three and four). Call it twelve.
One in twelve chance of getting the epic you want.

Game press article:
“Scents attract creatures based on the area you’re in (or a predefined pool in the case of Themed Scents”

If Scents no longer attract global spawns, then you are correct, assuming global spawns are unwanted and only local spawns are desirable…

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