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Can someone explain to me


… why the green chicken sometimes takes zero damage from Tryko? Didn’t make sense. :thinking:



Distracting rampage plus instant distraction will net 0 total damage


Technically that dips into negative damage. It bothers me, but only because there’s a game I’ve played where that actually heals you. lol Not saying it should or anything, it’s just my gut instinct.


That was actually something that happened in Jurassic world Alive before it was patched out.

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Distracting percentages stack as a whole. So 2 fifty percent active distracts means 0 damage


That’s why monolophosaurus was good in the early game!


Heck yes. I ran hard with him back in the day.

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But what am I missing? Tryko is supposed to take 90% less damage, the chicken 50% less… that doesn’t add up to zero?

I’ll keep it in mind though… use distraction with caution :thinking:

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The chicken has two 50% distract moves he often gets in because of his speed. When he does Tryko takes zero damage. Tryko using a 90% distract on Yoshi has no effect as Yoshi is immune.

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Like @JHVS said the chicken has distracting rampage and instant distraction. Both % are applied to your original attack. So if you have 1600 attack distracting rampage lowers it to 800… then instant distraction lowers it to 0.

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For clarification …
Green chicken = diloracheirus
(Since like 1.5)

Procerathomimus can be yoshi or Christmas chicken or whatever y’all want :sweat_smile:


I was confused by that as well. I was like… Dilorach doesn’t have distracting rampage…:thinking:


And let’s hope it stays that way :sweat_smile:


Thank you… I was just gonna ask is the green chicken’s new nickname Yoshi… and when did they give that OP abomination immunity :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Its getting added as a swap in 1.7… only other change is ourano is being moved to parks, daily, and alliance missions.


Dilorach should never have an opposing Tryko hitting 0 but it can with a smart swap on an already distracted one. Outside of that it shouldn’t happen

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Does that mean it will become the new secret weapon… the Superrat?!

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Lol it was a joke i would love for ourano to be in missions because im sitting on of 30k dieno and 4k diplo and just leveled my dilourano to 20.

Id most likely think about unistalling if the moved ourano to parks… or buffed an already op dino that much.

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I managed few times to chain the distractions of dilorach and rinex and it’s beautiful to see tryko dealing 0 dmg


Not if you’re the one with the Tryko :wink:

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