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Can someone explain


When you use Quick Stun and it stuns their dinosaur how come they get a move? For instance earlier my Utarinex used Quick Charge on a Thoradolosaur. It was stunned but then they used Instant Charge and it cost me the game? From my understanding when someone is stunned, their move set it locked so how is this possible


It’s about the turn order.

Your Utarinex vs their Thor.

Turn 1
You are faster. You use distracting impact.
They use armor piercing impact.

Turn 2
You are faster. You use instant charge.
They are stunned and don’t get the move they selected.

Turn 3
They use instant charge (which with priority means they go first).

When you are slower, a stun will carry into the next turn. When you are faster, the stun lasts just the same turn. In either case, any sino stunned only stays stunned (loses) for one selected move.