Can someone from Ludia please confirm or deny that FUSING RESULTS ARE SET BY RARITY?

Publishing the hybrid fuse odds for each class (unique, legend, epic, rare) would be even better, but I’m trying to keep this realistic. I fused my Suchotater almost 100 times and only had a handful of runs of multiple 10s in a row, and it was never more than 3 10s in a row. Compare that to 2 legendaries I fused today. I had enough for 4 fuses to evolve one and 6 fuses to start trying to create another. 4x 10s and later 6x 10s.

I realize this isn’t conclusive proof of anything, but it’s far from the first time I’ve kept an eye on hybrid fusing and noticed a difference when fusing legendaries. This is basically a rant but hearing that this isn’t just happening to me or in my head would be a small consolation. Even if it’s not from Ludia.

I had enough for one fuse for my Paramoloch. I got 50…:woman_shrugging:

We have data mined the fusions. It’s random.

I didn’t mean to sound like all I ever get are 10s while fusing legendaries, that’s far from the case. I do get plenty that are higher, but much less consistently than when I’m fusing hybrids that are rare and even epic. Part of this is numbers game, and more fuses means more chances to not roll 10. Like when I hit it almost 100 times to get my Suchotater from 19 to 20 earlier and had regular 30s, 50s, and 80s. It was around 27 per fuse avg. that’s all well and good but what stood out to me was that the 10s never made it past 3x in a row. It’s also what made me want to throw my phone later on when I hit fuse for the 6th time to bring my grand total to 60/200. Rant over…

Randomness can be set to different ratios depending on what class hybrid is being fused. Did the data study you’re referring to look at the classes separately? Also, a link to this would be awesome.

They aren’t besides some weird ones that don’t really effect overall fusion rates on dinos. There is no link since it’s not published. Wish I could help.

Me too bro, me too

i’ve fused stegodeus for 100 twice. indoraptor for 90. tuoromoloch for 80.

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since this topic alreay opened, may i know what is the maximum number of DNA we can get so far from 1x fuse?? is it 90? 110? or can be more?

Ludia ever announce? just wonder…

anybody ever get 200 in single fused?

This was from a few weeks ago but I got a bunch of high numbers while fusing legendary and unique dinos. I even got 100 on Dilorano.

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I appreciate everyone’s feedback about the handful of times they hit it big. I’m not disagreeing that 100s are possible while fusing any dino. My second ever legendary fuse was a 100 for my Trago, also my first 100. I’m sure someone out there has even rolled back to back 100 fuses for a unique. My only point is that that maybe the 10s happen more frequently which means the higher values show up less. I don’t care about getting them to up the likelihood of 100s, but dialing down the 10s a little for legendaries and up sure would be nice. It’s not like it’s a crime if they do have the ratios based by rarity, not anymore than the way slot machines are setup to favor the house.

As far as I know it’s 100. Pretty sure that’s the limit. I saw an odds by percentage breakdown on a similar thread recently. That all looked fine until I started wondering if rarity of the hybrid is a factor in the fuse algorithm or alogorithms if so.

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I have 7 legendaries now. When I fused them and the Rares and Epics, I had never got even one 100.
The highest I got is 70.