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Can someone help?

Hello everyone. I’m new into this forum and i know almost nothing about it. So some days ago my game crashed due to opening a pack. I don’t know how. Since friday i cant play the game without getting kicked off. That is the main reason why i get into that forum becouse i want to report it (wich i do already). So now i have two questions: did anyone ever have similar problem to mine? and if yes, there are some way to do this by myself or is it completly up to Ludia?


Hey there, Julia_Wojciechowska. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been having crashing issues with your game since Friday. If you haven’t already, could you please send an email to our support team at so our team can better assist you?

If you have your support key, please include it in the email as well.

Thank you!


I did it already (even three times). I implement support key, my email and even a video. I’m patient but i dont want to lose my park. Thank you very much for the response, and i would be gratefull if your team take a closer look at it. Thanks!

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Our support team will definitely try their best to assist you, once they get the chance to review your ticket.

In the meantime, please refrain from updating your message/ticket before our team responds as that could reset your position in their queue.

Expect a 3-5 day turnaround time from the last message you sent them to get a non automated response. Each message you send may reset your place in line so refrain from sending anymore. If you haven’t heard from someone in 4 days I would retag @Ned in this message to seek additional information.


So @Ned its been almost five days until i send that massage about the bug on email and support section in forum but i still didnt get any answer, even short one that make me sure if my masseges was sent. I’m quite patient but as i said before i dont want to miss any new creture if its going to come out and i’m miss playing that game :sweat:

Hey JulkaW. I’ve sent you a DM here on the forums.