Can someone tell me the stats for a level 10 pachygalosaurus

What are the stats of a level 10 pachygalo? Because the only yt vids about it are like 3 years old before the buff

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4874 hp, 578 dmg, 23h cooldown


May I ask? Where did you get that table?

Here it is! It has the stats of every dino, including it’s cooldown and dna cost, I find it really helpful.


A basic search on the toolbar is actually heplful. You might be new to the forums, but we do have a great deal of useful data stocked inside before you even think of it, let alone asking. You just need to click on that magnifying glass icon and enter some keywords, instead of creating a new topic for that.

A thread with such a title is really not needed.


The stat of lvl 1 pachygalosaurus would be more interesting to me… since it’s not in the table. Not that I’m getting it any time soon.

In German but I don’t think that’s a problem.


3249H 385A at L1

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