Can someone tell me What are the hardest and easiest dinos i would fight in dominator league for a 3 day tournament?

I win most of my matchups with alberto lv10 / tape lv2 / i rex gen2 lv10.

6-7 hours cooldown

In dominator? From what i remember, I faced lvl 12 cerazinosaurus alot

I’ve faced lv15 pachygalo too which is one of the toughest to face along with lv21 pteraquetzal . Some time some matches are unwinnable and some are difficult to win. But more than half are sure wins with correct play and rest you’ve manage with luck.

Once I took my strongest team 3 indo rexes and faced of with 2 bad creatures that were put in as a bait and an indoraptor gen2 lvl 40
But luckily I won just with like 100 odds health at last

What lvl were ur i rexes?

Also, that is a very unusual match in dom. I almost always face tournament hybrids. Arent the strongest creatures like i raptor gen 2 lvl 2?

They r lvl 30 each

Yea but I was at the top with 3000 cups odds so it was like it maybe
But I did face them

Nearly always win with tric level 1, 20 diplo and 40 superosaure(super rare)

You should be able to win with
Level 10 Tapejalocephalus
Level 10 Dimetrocarnus
Level 1 common bird

I prefer a glass cannon Carnivore instead, but he’ll probably still work.

If you can survive 2 hits right away reserve to start, if not, then block.
If I reserved, I’ll reserve 1 and block 2 next (as long as I can guaranteed survive 2 hits if they maybe reserved 2).
Next, I’ll usually swap in my common and reserve 3.

Hopefully they used all their moves taking out my common and my two strong dinos can go to work.

Edit: if you have to block to start, then it usually won’t work out like above. If AI doesn’t have amphibians and my Carnivore can take at least 1 hit from AI dinos, I may sacrifice Tapejalocephalus if I can’t guess AI moves. You should be able to save at least 7. If AI can take you out in 2 hits, they’ll likely attack all 4 or block 2 and reserve 2 then attack 6 next time. So plan your blocks accordingly. Hopefully you can take out first dino with 3 hits from Dimetrocarnus and block 4. AI attacks 4, then you swap in common and reserve 3. AI should use all 4 to take out common and you have 7 moves vs 0 against last 2 dinos. Again, I said likely, nothing is guaranteed. If AI blocks 2 and reserves 2 instead of attacking 4, still swap in common and reserve, but they’ll only attack 4 and you’ll be stuck with 2 unknowns to dance with.

I memmorized the attack patterns of the bots, and they looveeee doing 2 block and 2 reserve

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