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Can’t buy Odin collectibles packs still

Been trying to buy Collectibles pack (always only 1 remaining every 7 days) for over three weeks now. It just hangs the game EVERY time…
opened a case - followed the suggestions - still doesn’t work but the case has been closed.
Auto reply requests a new case is opened - but still no reply after a week?

Seriously close to scrapping dragon riders Subscription - deleting the app and requesting refunds as I can’t see a practical way of progressing to get the next legendary without the use of these packs…

I’ve even needlessly bought other items with Odin coins to see if it’s possible. Only the collectibles pack seems to be affected. Really frustrating and disappointing.

Anybody else manage to resolve the issue?

This issue is still unresolved.

I was sent two collectibles packs by support as a token gesture - sadly neither were able to be retrieved and both ended up crashing them game…

It seems there are a growing number of bugs affecting rewards and packs… Giving it until end of next week for Ludia to fix and compensate for the inconvenience or I’m raising a case with Apple to request subscription and in-app purchase refunds.

It’s pointless paying for something if you can’t use it… the fact this is taking so long to resolve is is irritating to the point I’m unlikely to download anything Ludia publish in future.

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@Xtian and @Ronald, I’m also having many issues with the game and a crying boy many times as a result. I am at the point of asking for a full refund if issues are not resolved fully and promptly. We use a Samsung tab s3 tablet with Android 9. I have a Quest now that has not been rewarded and both the previous and unlocked quest are not available in the game for Screaming Death. The summer update is when the game became unstable and starting this week can’t even log in on a regular basis. The problems are definitely at their end and not ours. As for compensation, I was created only 100 runes so far and can’t even confirm if they were given. I didn’t receive the runes in the mail.

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