Can’t decide if I should stop participating in tournament need suggestions

I’ve been bumped to tier 7 of the predator league. Before I went to bed I was at 70 in dominator. I have not been able to battle nearly as much because of the Facebook issues. :roll_eyes: that being said I’m not very confident I can make it into dom and stay there by tomorrow morning since I rely on the first two days to stay in dominator.
Should I make my VIPs with multiple couples lvl 11? I think it will leave a gap in my line up so I’m hesitant about that. Since creating the 8 indoms and 4 diplos I have been doing better in dom however, it’s still not enough.
I’d love everyone’s opinion. Here’s my current placement and my lineup. Thank you
Just noticed my lineup photos are out of order… it seems to do this every time. What do you guys do to keep it in sequence? I click the right screen shot in order but it never copies when posting to the forums.


You can probably make it, an hour before the tournament ends that’s when a lot of people sneak into dom, just stay at top of pred until tomorrow.


Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. I’m located in the Pacific time zone area so it usually ends around 5 am for me. I’ve got to start work on Monday at 3 am so I’ll have a 2 hour gap of being able to play.


Oh. Sorry to hear that…. :frowning:
But your lineup is still good, shybrids are really good with a good cooldown, when your lineup is ready for it get spinotasuchus, lvl 1 has 1440 hp 810 dmg with like 6h cooldown, solid for tournaments or tapejalocephalus, also solid for tournaments.
The lineup is very good, but i think you may need to work a bit on pterosaurs, maybe for tapejalocephalus low levels, something like that.


Tournament is liable to finish at around 1230 trophies. That’s about 14 more wins. I don’t know what your success rate is to estimate how many battles that is, but if you made it to level 70 dom before you have a strong enough team. If you can find time and fb let’s you log in, keep trying.

One thing I find often helps is to stick to either herbivore/amphi or carni/ptero teams which tends to mean you get fewer awkward 3-class matches. And I pick a first creature that I use to block and build up points and then do all the attacking with the other 2. But you may know this or prefer another method.


Everyone uses slightly different strategies that are heavily based on their lineup but what just about everyone likes to do is win consistently.

If I want to pretty much guarantee a win I go Herb tank, decent amphib, decent carno. Depending on the ferocity of those dino’s wins will get you somewhere between 36 and 33 trophies in dom. I find the trophy drop to be pretty minimal for significantly better teams. Going something like lvl10 apato, lvl 10 Diplosuchus, lvl20 VIP carno might be like 35 trophies on average. But a team that is lvl 10 monostego, lvl 10 Diplo lvl 20 I-rex will still get you 33 or 34 trophies. If you are wanting more than 36 trophies per match you will have to utilize either main, main fodder or fodder, main, fodder but you don’t have the dino’s for either of those to be viable in DOM IMO.

You really just need to make a ferocity jump, not even a big one, you are kinda sandbagging your lineup a bit. You have plenty of depth now but it is pretty much at the bare minimum to make ok teams for dom.

My general thoughts on Dom teams when going herb, amphib, carno

Herb, lead off meat shield to build reserve. I like 1600+ health, can get by with a little less but 1600+ gives me more confidence in securing a victory. Tanks like Apato or Therizino work great with this strategy because you have the carno at the end that can clean up any Ptero’s that pop up on the other team.

Amphib, I prefer 700+ attack, (EX. lvl 10 diplosuchus) this will get you to 2500 in 2 hits on a carno, 4500 in 3 hits, and 3000k in 3 hits without class advantage. But Any amphib with over 500 atk can be viable on a team. I don’t like any amphib’s in this position under 500 atk. JMO

Carno - I like anything with over 600 atk in this position, don’t be afraid to use glass cannon carnos in this position as they are typically just clean up or sacrifice after your amphib takes out a carno or too. It gives you the versatility after you take out the 1st dino to either protect your amphib and move your carno into to sacrifice for reserve, (if there are amphibs on other team) or just sacrifice your amphib off if the carno can finish the match out (especially if there are Ptero’s on other team)

A common team I might run on any of the 3 accounts I play might be something like this

Lvl 1 - lvl 10 monostego, lvl 10 Diplosuchus, lvl 11 I rex
Lvl 30 Ankylodocus, lvl 10 Diplosuchus, lvl 29 Spinoraptor

lvl 10 Apato, lvl 10 Diplosuchus, lvl 20 VIP carno

Teams like this should be able to net you pretty consistent wins, you just need around 5 or 6 teams like this that you can battle twice a day. 10 wins at 34 trophies = 340 trophies, would get you to 1000 trophies, that plus the few hundred you get on your way to dom would put you in the 1200 trophy range. Then slap together a few odd ball teams here and there for a few spare wins. If you have a ton of carno’s this works out too be cause once you are out of herbs and amphibs you can then switch to ptero, carno, ptero and do pretty decent as well.

You are lacking herb meat shields and could use a few more amphibs.

I’d take the i rex’s to lvl 11, you would have 4 solid carnos right there
lvl 21_ the spino gives you another
The concavenators can work at lvl 10 in the last spot as is but can get annoying if you need to take 1 hit but can’t.

I’d work towards monostego asap especially if you are sitting on anything more than 3k mono s dna. You are practically ready for it as is
lvl Unay to lvl 40, will be just over 1700 health, at the lower limit of what I like to use if i have options.

After you make Monostego you would have a spare lvl 20 stegoceratops, might be worth it to buy 2 more to make it lvl 30, that would be good lead off for dom as well.

look to snag another Ostapo, take the Mastadon to lvl 11+ give you 5 or so decent amphibs

I’ll post D2’s lineup in a second which isn’t too far off from where you could be. She has a few tourney hybrids but honestly they don’t get used in tournaments so it’s kinda irrelevant. She also has more ptero’s but i don’t use those in tournaments so that is kinda irrelevant as well.

(ugh, another wall of txt, i need help)


Just to give u ideas. No problem getting Dom finishes with this lineup. I skip the one pve on friday not sdna one


Not sure if it would help buuuuut… with the fb issues limiting my time I looked for a different way to do the tourney. It worked but only bc of my lineup depth.
What teams do you use in tourneys?


Apatosaurus is a pretty decent tank at lv10, though I like to be cautious as the 1.1% percent of an Indo G2 appearing out of nowhere

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You are going to get really tough match ups here and there, it happens and it is what it is. I don’t mind the indo raptor that much in that situation because the amphib is next in line and typically can take him in 3 hits. What I don’t like are higher level health tanks or really strong herbs in the 1st spot. Like lvl 40 Stigy that can 1 shot you and still take 4 or more hits or lvl 31+ apato, lvl 21+ Pteraquetzal, or lvl 11+ Pachygalo, good luck with any of those. Even with class advantage they can take 5 shots to KO.