Can’t decide who to go with

Options are;
Monostegotops 10 or 20
Nundago 40
Draco 40
Ostaposaur 30
Rajastega 20
Gorgosuchus 20
Other suggestions

I think you need a Ptero and would personally go with pushing that lvl 30 Tapejalosaurus up and then going for the super hybrid. How much sdna do you have?
Monostego is a big no for me at level 20 as you’d wreck your team balance. Maybe two level 6 or 7 to keep in with the rest of your line-up.

I would suggest that you work on improving the numbers of what you have and not push your ferocity higher. Level 20 VIPs and comparable hybrids are IDEAL for tournaments… but to be successful you need NUMBERS. Your best stuff is right where you want to be. Don’t try to go higher yet, because the higher you go at the top, the longer your cooldowns get as well, which will make it MUCH harder to not just do tournaments, but PvEs as well. You don’t need stronger hitting stuff, you just need MORE of what you have. Keep any s-Hybrids like monostegos at level 10 until you have a nice collection of them (diplos you can take to level 20). Same for everything else in here. Two lvl 20 Ostaposaurus will be MUCH better for tournaments than just one lvl 30.

That’s my suggestion, just based on what is typically a primary goal for most players, Dominator finishes without having to spend DBs.

Otherwise I do agree that a ptero would be the most beneficial in terms of the actual creature you need most.

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