Can’t download the update!

I can’t download the update 1.5! Im from Sweden and i can’t update the app! When does it arrive in Sweden? Im really hyped!!!
I want to avoid spoilers!

nobody can download the update!
I’m from the Netherlands and also can’t update!
It will arrive in Sweden after the update truck arrives!


oooooh… when will that be?

V1.5 ain’t out yet.

Ver.1.5 won’t been released until they got a maintenance.
This update should been allowed before the end of November.

when will it be out? This week? Today?

You need to ask Ludia…

okay! Will do that now!

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No announcement mentioned the certain date lol.
All of us are keep waiting.

Anyway if an update is ready, the game will update itself.

Im actually hoping it releases tomorrow when the new weekly dinosaurs start, but who knows when it will drop :crazy_face:

It’s deliver by Alanqa, afraid it probably got shot down over UK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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