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Can’t edit clan message

Hello, I’m clan leader of Drakes and Cakes and would like to make edits to the message but it displays a message saying “a change is already pending”. This message has been here for a few weeks now. Do I need to restart the whole clan in order to make any changes?


I have the same problem. But I tried and it was able to let me change the clan description.

Yeah I’ve tried now, and it’s allowed me to type in (although I can’t put spaces, so I had to externally write it and paste it in) and now it’s saying the “description is moderated”. This is pretty frustrating!

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Were you able to get this to work? If not, have you contacted support about this?

If you don’t wish to contact them through in-game channels (or for whatever reason can’t), you can email them at

I’m sorry that this problem has persisted so long though. I’m afraid I don’t really know much about managing clans or anything pertaining to it either, otherwise I would try to help you further :confused:

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I had that as well. Not sure if it didn’t like me mentioning discord or if it was too many characters. But I just took out “discord” and it went through.