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Can’t get epic tower


I’ve noticed that the past few weeks epic towers don’t show up as close as they used to near my home. I’m not sure how the distribution works but for this 7 step one about a square radius of about 3 miles around my house there isn’t a single epic tower. Sounds ridiculous but it’s deserted to the point where I considered the possibility that it had ended early and the schedule had been changed or something. I only had 3/7 progress on the tower and those three were from far away bus rides. I don’t like to complain but I’ve never missed a epic tower before and it’s just sad cuz I kinda feel like I wasn’t given a proper chance at the tower. I was hoping with each change in tower locations during the three days would get one closer to me but didn’t happen… please make it so that these towers are at least guaranteed to pop up a fair distance from each location

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I thought the same. Drove around for an hour today and had almost given up finding one, but then found 2 almost next to eachother. Go figure.

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