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Can’t get out of Aviary

Been here for 3 months

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You don’t want to be in library. Lol

I’ve been here 5 months and it doesn’t get easier.


Yeah, I just returned to Avairy because started to sick of SuperThor/Maxima/IG2/Prorat/Erlidominus. There are, at least, one of them every single match in Library.

Matching with the same pattern of enemies making me bored and unmotivated to play arena.

Aviary has something else (Sarco/Allosino/Utasino). I changed my team to match around here and intend to stay here for now.


Honestly, if you’re not interested in top 500, its best to just stay above 4500 so you can get all the incubator perks.

You don’t get any extra dna or coins from incubators after aviary as far as I am aware. :woman_shrugging:

I’m in Lockwood Estates and feel like I’m pretty much playing against the same old creatures with usually an Inominus Rex to start, Procera, Indo G2, Sarco in every battle.

I’m playing mostly the newer creatures and tend to stay away from the creatures I usually have to battle because I’m sick of them.

This is my team for the last couple days and today as an example for my teams:
My Team 20200426
I will be able to bring Titanoboa up to 20 at the end of the month to have all 4 snakes at team level. Mammotherium will be level 20 by the end of today. It is 240/250 and then I go on to work toward Mammolania.


I THINK Lockwood estates is the final arena for perks.
At least it was at one point.

Just checked, you get Pteranodon dna in Aviary incubators. After that no more is added currently.

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I got to library and then decided to go down, I wasn’t ready (though vexus was the strong one there and won me a match at least)

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Good point

So they need to make more arenas then

Library is a total nightmare, I’d just stay in aviary if i were you

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No, they need to fix their game first. Not add more arenas.

These were some of my last opponents in Library. To give you an idea of what you’ll see.

And here is my own Magna, that is a Monster itself.

That’s a big Indo, is there a speed limit

Yes, it varies from creature to creature.

Why’s your 20 gold

I’m max level.

Mines blue?

Once you reach level 20, you can’t go higher, yours will be gold too.

I’m 20 though

I’m also VIP.