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Can’t get to challenge/event

I’m new to everything here, so my terminology may not be correct here, but the other day I was playing and had unlimited attempts at ‘something’ to try and get the Jarlaxle character.
However, going back to the game later, I no longer could find this regardless of where I looked!

What exactly do I have to do to get back to this challenge, event, or whatever you call it?
There were several tiers to complete, needing to win 20 battles, and you would earn a reward after a couple wins.

Please help!


As for your issue, there are 5 tabs on the bottom that are pretty helpful. You’ll want to click on the one that’s furthest to the right (the events tab), and then there will be a tab at the top that says “Special”. That should take you to the Jarlaxle event, though you’ll have to complete a few stages of the Test of Might before you actually receive the character.

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Yes, that!

Thank you for your response but that is the problem - the Test of Might is what I can’t get back to from the Events tab!

I think I finished the first set of 20, won 2 of the second set, and still had all my ‘Tries’ or ‘Attempts’ left for the second set, and now I cannot get back to the Test of Might screen.

It doesn’t matter where I touch on the screen, I can’t get there.
I see info on rewards for the event that is running and the rewards if you have Jarlaxle in party, but that’s it.
I see Sharpstone Keep, and then Featured Rewards.

Everything else is other tabs taking me to the store, battles, outfitting my characters, etc.

Unless you have identified another glitch with the update, the Jaraxle ToM event can be found by pressing two locations.

  1. Press the ‘Events’ tab in the bottom right corner.
  2. Press the ‘Special’ tab in the top right corner.

Pressing them in this order will bring you to the Jarlaxle Event.

Hopefully this helps.

These are the 2 things I see when I hit the Events tab.
I don’t have the other tabs on the top.

I see that your renown is at 7… is it possible there is a minimum for those other events that you haven’t hit yet?

Yes theres no Jarlaxle event recruitment for me too since the start of event havent seen it.

As i see event requires arena level 2. If you lose and go level 1 all your progress will be reset and you will start test of might from begining.

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Thanks for responding hadnt done pvp in a long time didnt know there was requirement for special events.

Yeah it’s an easy thing to miss if you aren’t in the forum much, especially since they didn’t even have an in game link to the forum for so long

I am tier two in arena and still can’t access the special event. Sometimes it will pop up but most of the time it’s not even there. Very poor quality game system if you ask me. Not user friendly at all.

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