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Can’t go VIP?


I’ve been trying for the past 2 days to try out VIP. But whenever I click on it, it never loads. Just has an infinite loading circle. I have to close out and reopen it and it still doesn’t work. Is it no longer available? Or am I doing something wrong?? I’m so lost.


It’s fate saving you the money and aggravation…


That’s what it seems like… :roll_eyes:


Hey DrkWlfGir94, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having this problem, try playing the game on another internet connection and see if you’re still having the same problem. Also, make sure that you are logged into the app store and have a valid payment method linked to your account before tapping on the VIP subscription. If you’re still having issues, our support team would be happy to assist you if you contacted them here at with your support key. It could help if you included a screenshot of the issue as well.