Can’t heal Tommus bug?

Is anyone else hitting an occasional bug where Tommus can’t be targeted by a friendly trying to add a buff or a healing effect? There’s been a few fights where I try to get Halbinet to heal him but he won’t be selected. I can heal other characters or do a zone/party-wide effect (like AC+).

This has happened in dungeons (challenges) and in PvP, though PvP is a bit harder to confirm that I really can’t select him because of the timer. Haven’t seen this happen with any other character.

I believe there was a time I couldn’t use his own taunt on himself because it wouldn’t let me target him. I think he was in melee range of either the first Giant boss or the earth elemental.

i sometimes have problems selecting targets both in my team and enemy when they are on left side of screen. most often when on traps.

Thanks for reporting this to us, @edwick. Our team will be looking into it.