Can’t launch the drone. Can spin drops

Clicking ‘launch’ does nothing

Hey Srock4t, could you please try restarting your game and see if the issue persists?

Restarted, changed to wifi, others in alliance have same issue. Lost ability to enter sanctuary now too

We are getting similar reports as well. Drone not launching at all. Multiple reports from various platforms (ios and android). I also can’t see anything on my map at all.

Also, we can’t access sancs either.


Not working for me

Not working for me. I’ve done all the restarts with and without wifi.

Same problem as everyone above :slightly_frowning_face:

Same problems and started with a non responsive battle

Same problem here

Same here.
Alliance missions also not visible anymore.

We also can’t get into our sanctuaries or even see them and can’t see our alliance missions

Seems like you may need to be the ones to restart the application for a change :smirk:

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Here is video of drone launch problem and also can’t reach sanctuaries. Can spin drops normally. After video restarted game and still couldn’t dart that Velo.

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Launch button not working, despite app shut down and phone reset.

@Ned Fix just kicked in. Thank you for fixing right away JWA!


Everything seems to work now.

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Hey not once but about 10 times in a row I have closed and refresh and the battle games are frozen. I have lost like 4 matches in a row due to this problem think there must be a bug.

Can’t launch drone! (Android, restarted app and phone several times).

@Ned recycled the web application pool? :crazy_face: map has nothing on it but I better restart myself now

Same problems still