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Can’t load game on 4g. Fine on wifi

Have emailed support but seeing if anyone else had same issue as me. My game works flawlessly on wifi but barely loads up on 4g. If it does load it continually shows the purple circle when doing any actions and eventually disconnects from the server. Wifi is only 10mb/s. 4g I sit on 100mb/s so should be better on 4g. All other games on my phone are fine on 4g. Any ideas?

May not be your phone. It could be the game’s servers are having issues or you are in an area where signal is not as strong. Just my thoughts on it. I could be wrong so do not quote me on it. I am just ruling out possibilities. No I am not a member of help & support. I am just a gamer that has had the same issue as you a few times, so I can relate.

Cheers for your reply. I have driven all over the city I live in and had the same issue. Running internet speed tests as I go to see if I have a good signal. From 2mb/s to 100mb/s it hasn’t mattered. Tried again last night but still no go. I have tried everything I can. Just cancelled my vip unfortunately as there’s no use having it if I can’t play the game away from home. Thanks again for your reply. Hopefully it will fix itself in time

I hope it has been resolved. The game does not work for me when I use WiFi and works great on 4GLTE. Technology is so fickle

Hey Sambojigger, have you tried disabling the WiFi setting on your device when you’re on your mobile network?

Hi Ned

Yes I did. Didn’t change anything. My game started working today again. Didn’t change anything so unsure what it was. Thanks for the reply



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I’m glad to hear that it’s working again!

A couple more people in my alliance had exactly the same issue and there’s came good today also. Still unsure what the cause was. Thanks for the reply’s

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Pretty sure it’s Ludia’s bloody freakin’ servers!

No other game/app I have, EVER has this problem.

I am pissed, because I was at rank 92 in the tournament, trying to stay in top 100, and I’m pretty sure I will have dropped out of top 100 by the time I can ever log back into the game to see where I placed.

For THREE hours now!

Ned, that won’t do anything because these problems are on Ludia’s end. And they’ve refused to fix this for how long now?

I’m really sorry to hear that, Rothferd. Could I ask you to contact our support team here at so they can take a look to see why you might be having issues getting past the loading screen?

Not to be rude Ned, and I know you’re just doing your job, but I’ve done that before and it didn’t help me anything.

If you had already reached out to our team, I would recommend continuing to try any of the troubleshooting steps they have provided. :sweat:

I can understand that it’s a frustrating issue, and our team is always working on improving the connection of the game for everyone.

I’ve got the same problem today. After 3pm GMT the game won’t load up except on Wifi.