Can’t load game


Gets to 16/23 and stalls. It’s been over an hour and I’ve powered off phone
Addicted and need help.
Can you fix the problem or let me know of a rehab facility I can check into.

Can’t log in please help
Support phone number
Can’t load game 16/23

I’ve turned phone on off, data on off, switched accounts once somehow by accident and back again, roaming on off. Basically everything I could think of and it won’t load past 16/23 “collecting extraction darts” is the title it I’m sure it stands for something else like connecting to server or something. Please help the shakes are kicking in again😉


Hi is there a number I can call to get help to open my app. I’ve tried everything :sob:


Loads to 16/23 and won’t progress. Ive messed with the settings for about three hours now to no evail. Starting to realise I’ve got a jwa addiction. Just thinking about those incubators sitting there unattended is enough to break me. If this has happened to you and you can help it would be greatly appreciated I’m on Iphone cheers


I have face the same problem.


Are you still locked out?


Yes, I still locked out.


When did it happen


Are you on Iphone.


I’ve tried contacting everyone I could think of but your the only person responding to me


I use android.
It happen aruond 4-6 hr.
I can’t contact everyone same as you.
I go to forum to write issue but I saw you first.


Yeah it hit us at the same time I think. I read something on here about removing it from face book but I wouldn’t recommend that because it didn’t fix the problem and now it’s removed from Facebook without a way to put it back and possible have deleted my save data.
I’ve sent a tone of emails and posted on here and done everything I can think of. If anything comes of it I’ll let you know.


Same for me. Blocked at 18/23 when opening the game


Try cleaning a cache.


Good news it stared up. I played with every setting on the phone but I think it just fixed its self. Best of luck to anyone still locked out but looks like it’s just a matter of time and the birds and strike towers still have 26hrs to go so there is still time. :grinning:


Thanks for the assistance. It just fixed its self I think but appreciate you trusting to help.


Now, I can connect. Thank for your info.


Your welcome. :smile::smile:

Stuck on load screen

Same here. Stuck on 18/23 for 6hours now. Gave up.


Mine came back so hang in there I know how frustrating it is. Good luck