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Can’t log back into game

When I log into the game I get the “go to store to update” notice. I click on the button, get sent to the store, and I have an ‘open’ button. I click back and go back to the ‘go to store’ button in the app. I have done several force closes of App Store and the app itself. I’ve shut down and reopened my phone to no avail. I have an iPhone X OS 13.1.3

Any suggestions?

Hey Grelch, when you’re in your app store, could you go into your Updates tab and refresh the page to see if there are any updates available?

I tried doing that for the past half hr to no avail. But now that you have replied it Is working. Naturally. You’ve got the Midas touch. Thank you.

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I’m happy to hear that it’s working now. :sweat_smile: