Can’t log in lol

Don’t know why can’t log in…

Try rebooting everything? Internet connection, data connection, and phone.

I tried everything lol

At a loss depending on how long it’s doing it I would send in an email to the support folks with your game ID.

I did and I’m waiting for a reply. It’s been like this for more than 24 hrs

Support responses are slow, like 4-5 days slow unfortunately, when they do respond they are usually helpful though. I also don’t know if all of the COVID stuff going on is also having an effect on support times.


Game Not Loading 4/6/20

The game does not appear to be working. I’ve tried various tricks such as rebooting and multiple devices. @Ned, @Keith are you aware of the issue?

so its not just me then been unable to log in for about 40 mins myself atm

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and its back up for me so i guess maintenence or something?

I had this too. I forced a stop in the setting of the app and after that it worked again.

Hi, the game should be working now.


I am facing this issue from last 3-4 days. Not able to login specially during the discount time. However, game Allow me to get inside in just nick of time.

It happens to me to!