Can’t log in

The game appears broken. I can’t get past the loading screen. Happening to multiple users and reports of other Ludia games having the same problem


Same here, hope it gets fixed asap

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Me, too. It just happened to me this afternoon while I was doing the Valentine Light Fury’s quest. :cry:

same here

@Ned @Marcus please advise?


Same here :frowning:

Same for me and for clan friends

Both Dragons: Titan Uprising and Dragons: Rise of Berk are having the same issue. I am sure that Ludia will fix both games very soon. :slight_smile:

Yes, me too. @Ned @Marcus @Rose any update on when it’ll be back!


It appears Ludia’s servers are down on mostly all games I know! As you can also tell, people reporting connection issues through the other game forums.

Yes I am getting same message over and over again upon attempt to login. I am running latest iPhone updates and app updates (I checked twice)…my signal is full so it’s definitely not on my end.

“Difficulty connecting to servers error code 10044“

Problem is, Ludia is based in USA isn’t it? Or Canada… They won’t be up for a few hours yet… or maybe they do shifts…

Same. Error message popped up during an arena fight, which will cost me my hard won winning streak. Kind of stinks that this is during a big event. I’d hate to have spent runes on energy and have this happen. I missed that mess by a couple hours, but I’m sure a lot of people didn’t.

I would bet real money they pushing another update and as usual, it crashes all the games

I think ludia is sleeping :sleeping: :laughing:

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Same here these constant bugs are getting old quick

Same I cant log in the game! It gives me this error.

Same here. Trying logging and even restarted phone, no luck

Same here - and flipping through the other game forums it seems to be larger issue.


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