Can’t log into my game...PLEASE HELP!

My map would not load anything. I could see the roads but no supply drops or dinosaurs.

After several days of frustration, I decided to delete app & reinstalled it. (Did not know I needed to copy down my support code).
When I went to reinstall the app, my game was gone & I was started all over from scratch.

I know my game is still there as I can see it on the kids app in our shared alliance.

I have written support all week but have not received any help.

I do know my player name & I am a VIP player so there should be a way to get back to the game.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

I’m sorry to hear that happened with your game, @Remi. Rest assured that our team will do their best to assist you once they see your message.

If you have already written into our support team either through the in-game support or through email at, we recommend waiting for our team to respond before sending in more messages as it could further delay the process.

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Thanks Ned! I sure hope it can get taken care of. I wrote to support on Monday but as of tonight I’ve only gotten an automated response.

Damn… good luck in this. Support took over a week to even answer me with more questions. That was over a week ago and still haven’t gotten a second response on my ticket. Hope you get it resolved somehow!