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Can’t login to the game

I have been playing the game for a while and as of last night when I tap on the app to load it, the game gets to the main screen and then crashes within a second or two , I’ve tried reinstalling because I have my game linked to Facebook and I have tried hard resetting my phone neither have fixed the problem Any segestions ?

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Contact the Ludia support. I don’t know the @ for it but it’s not super hard to find it should be in one of the this month update forum posts.

Also check your storage space on your phone, usually you’d get a notification if you have a iPhone but idk.

I appreciate the suggestions ,I emailed the support team this morning just waiting on a reply and I cleared up stoarage but this did not help any other ideas ?

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Be patient @Maro11 , I only say this as most folks that post here with an issue expect to get there issue handled very quickly but forget that there are lots of players, loooottttsss like millions. This means the support team is usually dealing with a ton of requests they are working through and responding to. They will get to yours, make sure you have provided as much information as possible in the email to the support team, like make and model of device you are playing on, what version of software your OS is running, your support key, when the issue started, what you have already done to try and solve, ext ext. as much information as you can so when they do get to your ticket they will hopefully have all the information they will need. If you don’t hear anything after a few days you can reach out to @Ned on the forums here to see if there is anything he can do from his side but give it a few days before doing that.

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Thank you ,I appreciate the the advice for the help on the forum and will give it a few days hopefully I can gain access again


I’m sorry to hear that your game is crashing @Maro11 and that reinstalling did not fix the issue. There are some additional troubleshooting on our FAQ here that could help as well:

If you’re still having this problem after trying those steps, our team will try to get back to you ASAP once they get a chance to see your ticket.

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I havent been able to log in at all yesterday or today. Ive never had issues like this. I know its not space related on my tablet. Whats the tournament? I better not be missing anything good.

Amargasaurus for level 50+. Not sure about the other leagues. One of them is Supersaurus, I think.

I haven’t been able to play for 3 days now as game won’t load. This happened a few weeks ago and I had to wait for the next update to fix it. Looks like I’ll be waiting again. Shame I’ve paid all that money for dino bucks ans I’m not able to compete in tournaments again.

First time its happened to me, but 3 whole days on a game that rewards you for playing multiple times a day is pretty freaking signifigant.

Not only that, but in the past when the game would freeze up on me in PvP causing me to lose a match, Ludia didnt seem to care about reimbursing for time and resources lost.

So Im not holding out hope for a fast, satisfying resolution.

Hey DinoByeBye, I’m sorry to hear that you were having issues loading into the game over the weekend. There are some troubleshooting listed earlier on our FAQ here that might help with this:
However, if you’re still having problems getting into the game after trying those steps, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can try to assist you further.

Hi Ned, the problem is, that nothing of these steps solves the issue and the support did not response since last week. It seems to be a bigger problem for iOS Users. There are a couple of facebook comments referring to that. The game freezes and crashes on loading since Thursday/ Friday. It is really frustrating in terms of the missed tournament and also by taking into account the lost VIP subscription days. It would be great if you could give your developers the hint, that we are facing most probably a global iOS issue.

Thanks Marco

Hey Marco_Gronewold, I’m sorry to hear that the steps were not helpful and I understand the frustration. Our team is aware of the issue, and they’re still actively working on a fix. In the meantime, we usually recommend trying the general troubleshooting steps first as it could help provide a quick workaround. However, if the steps didn’t help, our support team would be happy to try and assist you further. If you had contacted our team already, it could take some time for their investigation, but they’ll try to respond ASAP once they have more information.

Hi Ned, thanks for your fast reply. They will for sure do the most possible. I just wanted to figure out that this is most likely a much bigger issue than only for me and that you guys are aware of it. However, keep my fingers crossed that you can fix it shortterm and that we do not need to wait until the next major release.

Brgds Marco

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Not a global IOS issue as I had no issues over this last weekend. I am on an iPhone X so not sure if it is device specific.

I’m having the same issue for the second time. And had no response to an email I sent. I’ve now missed tournaments and daily battles. When is this issue going to be resolved as I think a lot of players are effected. Last time I was told to wait for update, any idea when the next update is here? I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and it’s not right that I can’t play for a second time in a matter of weeks

Hi Ned, is it intended that today’s Update will fix the issue? Some People posted that their data is completely lost and cannot be restored. But they have been informed by the support, as I did not receive anything until now. My hope is right now not totally gone. Thanks, Marco

Hey Marco_Gronewold, the update was for minor updates within the game. Sadly, if you’re having trouble logging into the game, our support team will have to try and assist you further with this.

Hi Ned, the update did indeed not solve anything. Day 5 is coming to an end without a reply to my ticket nor some kind of statement. This is really annoying as the number of affected users is not 1 or 2… tell them the truth in case our accounts are lost although you would lose some vip subscriptions. Cheers, Marco