Can’t motivate myself to battle in the (upper) arena - Anyone else feel the same?


Remember the slower meta, maby the tanks… When you got time to use your shield or use the slowing-impact? When more abilities was a part of the game?

As I see it, the idea of tactics and ”fun” battles becomes rare. Remember situations when you and your opponent changed dinos, playing a kind of mindgame? Some matches you know you could defend yourself, because the variation of your deck?

I’m just trying to point out how FAST the arena become. Fast swap-in-actions, heavy hitters, competition of dinos with most speed…

You know, it seems like the focus skifted from some kind of ”quality”, to become more a stressfull situation.

Have the game become to fast?
How to handle the new meta, when you longing back to the old era?

Use another team of lower levels?

Anyone else miss old days?


It changed because people want to see giant gold damage numbers.

Not many people use exploit wound or weakening strike. It in essence does the exact same thing as ferocious strike does…

Even with the Draco era… Even through the raptor pounce era.

Why same reason… Same goes for the forum they announce some thing is coming… and two hours latter it’s is it here yet I’ve waited sooooo loooong.

No patience no restrain no self control (cough speed boosts … Arena exploit)

It’s not that the player base doesn’t like or that ludia won’t make a slower paced battle meta…

It’s that the player base is incapable of playing it.

Memories like dori with the same limit on patience

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Do you think the players have asked for faster meta?

Or the faster meta camed BECAUSE of Draco Gen 2 ?

For sure a game most change… But many abilities we have in the game are often not used. Mostley, and only, distraction…

This two seems so harmless now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But they where great when introduced, and I remember how fun it was to battle with the Alanqa-shield.

image image


To OP and other replies. If ludia drops this dreadful game that you describe, will that make you happier. As per other post that I made can we provide positive criticism. If you are unhappy about an aspect of the game post a possible solution to said aspect. Us dumping on the game does not help ludia. It’s makes them want to reevaluate the financial imbalances thag could exist. If we provide user experience to assist them make a better product it helps them and us

There has been quite a lot of ‘user experience’ shared over the past few weeks.

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battle enough to get your daily incubator.


I remember when you could keep alanqua shielded like alankylosaurus.

And no I don’t blame Draco anything for this.

Like I said it’s the player base. They want a click to nuke button … As long as thier opponent doesn’t have one.

They don’t want (by in large) a strategy based game that makes them think.

Spenders wanna spend to dominate. Every one wants to go booyaa I wiped the floor with you.

The fastest way is to run a campaign of shock and awe.

One point of proof in the (majoritive) lack of ability to strategize is how often do you see some one drop in a dracoceratops and…

Hit stun
Hit speed up
Then rampage
Then cleanse heal then rampage

Hardly never why

It’s less mental effort to just swap cleanse swap out swap back in.

Even though the first scenario results in more damage throughput

Yes there has been, in fact over the past 9 months. If you think back several of the suggestions that have been implemented has come from this forum. All I’m saying is that if the tone on this forum was a little more constructive we can all get a lot further than the product we have currently

There has been a lot of good constructive thoughts put into idea about how to resolve the boost issue. Several long threads of users discussing. Many different ideas. Not all of the bashing or nasty. Take some time to go searching, you will find them.

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I’m in a totally reconcillatory tone so my apologies if that did not come through. Lol. Always say that you cannot tell tone in a text. I’m happy. I didn’t mean to come across as argumtative. I just would like to see a more inclusive helpful commentary from the forums

1.7 is worst update ever. Boost kills Chalange PVE tover and PVP duels.

What’s not to like about the current system. My 29 thor just got crushed by a level 25. Opponent probably still taking out the rest of my team while I’m over here… at least not a level 21 crushing my team this time. Lost 10 trophies, then lost 50 last match. I’ll go see what I lost this time. At least I’m only down 300.

Lost 43 that time…lol

It’s post like this that remind me that Mike judge is a prophet


What will happen if ludia decides tomorrow that this game has run its course, they have made some money and decided to EOL it. What do we then

I guess just watch the movie…lol

Why I’d have to rent it. This is available freee

Honestly I think the boosts are a great idea even though I am getting crushed cause I have saved them for a week. They’re just not set up right. They already have dino speed set from when the game started all they have to do is follow that pattern. For example fastest dino raptor speed 133. Now with boosts make a range of 133 - 143. 133 being normal. 143 being boosted 10 times. It eliminates ties.

Second fastest let’s say deino. 131 make range from 131 to 141. 131 normal 141 boasted 10 times. This will make the match i interesting as the deino could be boosted faster than the raptor but if they are both max boosted the deino can not be faster than the raptor.

They just have to follow this pattern the whole way through. That way a thor is never faster than a dino that is ahead of it in base speed if the dino ahead is max boosted. This would cause people to boost the dinos ahead of thor in normal speed to keep them faster than thor, or tryko or teno or any big chomper that should not be the fastest.

So it would eliminate any chomper going through a whole team as dinos like magna and erlid and others would get to go first…


Maby you right.

Maby it’s a thing for their profit.

Keeping a few relevant dinos, spice it up with a lot of damage, letting people feel what you describe.

In one way it feels sad.

But I guess their is a reson why more dinos never get better, and now, more dinos is made of arena-exclusive dna.

And to get this few powerful creatures, it comes to a price. And those who are willing to pay that price, most of then eant the feeling of being better - not that mutch about the creativity and strategy.

Thanks for a good replay!


I mean, as the time goes, the meta becomes stagnant.

In the beginning, nothing was there, all dinos where new, people tested new combos, leveled up different material.

With the time, we get less variation in the upper arenas, where you in ealier meta could face lower dinos. (Because the uniqes was not avalible)

So the ”End-game” is more boring, while playing in middle arenas feels different, because of more variation of dinos, and more abilities.

My wish is to bring more content to end-users, by givning more options and in that way inspire players to keep battle in the arenas.

I’d venture to say.

The reason we only see a limited number of creatures in play is that more and more their new offerings fall short.

They look good on paper but under perform.

So as a community we get them … Evaluate them and dismiss them since the time tested and familiar work well enough that we have no incentive to reinvest in new ones.

To the point that the need to nerf Dino’s that filled the role to get us to try them.

Monomimus is a glaring example of this.

As are a few others