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Can’t motivate myself to battle in the (upper) arena - Anyone else feel the same?

I have a reply on cool down that I think might shed light on you thoughts about end game.

My own personal solution has been to just play what I like and let my team find it’s place

I dont Play anymore. Most of the player hack the Game and in the same level have dinos in 30 with lot of speed increased with the new rules. It IS imposible.

What to do?

My low health dinos keep getting killed fast and hard by Dracocerarops.

When this swap-in-Rampage come, I can’t kill it, then it regenerate and swap back to the dino with low health (before the SIR)

This keeps going, and I have no dinos left and no chance to kill the DC.

How to motivate myself to play this game then?

Press and hold the icon for JWA until you see a small “X” on the icon. Then, touch the “X”. That will solve your problem, and it will help motivate the rest of us by not having to see more whining.


Probably you’re happy with unbalanced battles? 3-0 or 0-3 is not a problem?

I created a Bravo (B) Team because if I use my higher levelled dinosaurs matchmaking gives me 130+ speed Thors, having more fun this way till matchmaking is fixed up.

You really cant even have a proper battle anymore because if they are the type who heavily boosted Thor, they open with it, half kill your opening Dino, Instant Charge and stunned, then killed with next hit.
And when you are soooo close to killing the Thor when its Instant charge is down and your faster and its low on health…THEY RAT YOU!

Like I just want a PROPER match again!

Drop the Rattegy and use some Strategy!

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What “upper arena” are you in Moksha?

You, sir, win the day :joy:
Best comment I’ve seen today.

I just take several days off PvP battling as I did last week. I didn’t PvP on my main account at all. Then last night I joined the tournament and must have battled 15 times none stop. That was actually fun without the unique’s until I hit the super boosted Dracs and was doing a win, loose, win, loose. I finally went to bed and I’m all PvP’d out again.

I’m in lower Lockwood and have felt kind of “stuck”. I remember being super happy when I first got there (and I love the graphics for the friendly battles!). When I tried to progress, I went on the worst losing streak. I got knocked down to Sorna. It was really depressing. I never thought I would make my way back up to Lockwood, but somehow I managed to do it and have since taken a break from the arenas. When it comes to strike towers my team has gotten better, but when it comes to the arenas, I feel like they have hit a wall. I keep hoping that maybe I will return to the arenas when my team is ready. Right now, they still have some work to do. :blush:

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I’m just tired of seeing him whine. Look at his post history… 350 posts and every one is a complaint about something or another. It’s not that I disagree that there’s balance issues especially with DC and Thor. But, do we really need yet another thread about it?


Oh, I hear you. Trust me, I hear you lol.
I’ve made remarks, as have many others. Every post is “balance,” “0-3,” “diversity,” “Rat,” etc etc.
As if we didn’t see any one of the hundreds.
It’s like the proverbial homeless dude on the street corner holding up a “the end is nigh” sign.


I play here and there. Now in Aviary.

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I take that. No problems.

If people want play a game that went from tactics to slay others, that’s fine.

But, In my world that’s not a game anymore.

I want to give players a chance to show their teams and value peoples hard effort.

and nobody want to hear someone which don’t find a clue about the garbage matchmaking.
Post something constructive or get out