Can‘t play anymore

It loads until 7/24 (coordinates) and then tells me that connection issues appeared. Error 118.

Tried everything. Used flight mode, reconnected with the internet, restarted my iPhone, and finally I deleted and reinstalled it.

Nothing works. First, a message of Game Center appears that welcomes me back in the game. Then it loads until 7/24, then stays there, falls back to 1/24 and when it reached 7/24 the error window pops up.

What can I do? Can‘t play anymore. :confused:
I had problems like these before (when it stopped at 22/24) but I could always solve them by reinstalling the game. Now even this didn‘t work.

Yes, I have perfect high speed internet. I can stream videos in hd but JWA thinks that my connection is the issue.

Hey GermanRaptor, could you try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then restart your game?

Let me know if that works.

Hey Ned, no it both didn‘t work. It loads to 7/24, falls back to 1/24, loads to 7/24 again and then it shows error 118.

I’m sorry that didn’t work. :sweat: If you’re connected to your WiFi, try forgetting the network and then enter it again on your device.

If you’re still having issues after doing that, our team would be happy to try and assist you further with this if you email them here at

Hey, I‘m not connected to WiFi but I when I was in the university I had WiFi. It didn‘t work there too. :confused:

An alliance member set jwa photo access to never and it fixed her issue. Might be worth a try?


I just contacted them via E-Mail and I also sent my support key to an Admin. Hope this helps.
I still try to get back in but nothing works. :woman_shrugging:

Been there a bunch of times, but it’s always been 16 or 18 not 7. Time has fixed it in the past for me after turning location off, turning phone off, clearing cache, changing time zone. It’s super frustrating.

Yes, I tried everythinf. But weird thing is that it stops at 7/24.

I just hope it won‘t last too long. -.-

What if you force stop maps, restart phone and then restart maps? That’s my last idea, hope support gets back to you right away.

Thx for that tip, I tried it but it still stops at 7/24. :frowning:

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Sorry it didn’t work…

Guess I just can wait now. Ourano DNA will be gone tho. :confounded:

I had same situation before loading stuck in 7

What did u do?

Seems like a bigger problem. I have to deactivate GameCenter, uninstall JWA, restart my phone, reconnect to GameCenter and reinstall the game. <.<
Will be fun with mobile data.

Wow, it worked and I‘m finally back in the game. After reinstalling JWA, it was stuck at 7/24 again, but after reloading the game a few times it finally worked.
Ourano DNa is gone, but atleast I could do the epic strike tower. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

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I reinstall it before like you my game stuck because i disconnect from a match :frowning:

I can‘t believe it, it‘s again stuck at 7/24!!

Goddamit, I‘m so freakin‘ close to just deleting the app. :rage::rage:
Now that I managed to get back in few days ago, I had to face a new problem today.
I open the app, it quickly loads up to 18/24 but right when it reaches 18/24 it says something about a connection error. When I try again, it loads to 18/24 and same window pops up.

I‘m just so frustrated. First both 7/24 situations and now this new problem.

I tried everything. Reinstalling, reconnecting to game center, restarting my phone, reconnecting via mobile data and same problem. Seriously, I just want this to end. Really so close to just giving up. -.-