Can’t play game at all

I’ve had trouble with an aspect of the interface for a while now: the “explore” button doesn’t work after the point when the “battle” feature is revealed after gaining a certain number of levels. This was the case with my previous account, and it is also the case with my new one. I was able to get around this for a time because selecting the “training adventure” for new heros would take me to the main adventure, but now that those have expired, I can no longer reach the adventure screen.

I also am unable to use the “battle” feature, because every time I am connected to an opponent, the app crashes. My theory at this point is that until one has completed at least one battle, the “explore” and “challenge” buttons don’t function, which makes the game pointless for me at this point because I’ve never been able to initiate a challenge without the app crashing. (I’ve tried literally everything, including the usual list of things sent to optimize the phone’s performance).

The last time I wrote about this, it was suggested to make a new account, which I did, but the same problem has occurred again with this new account.

I’m really sorry to hear that this issue is affecting your game again, HankWilliams. The best recommendation I have would be to reach out to our support team again. :sweat:

Hopefully, our team will be able to figure out what the problem is for you.

@HankWilliams, our support team can be reached through email at If you have your support key available, please include it in the email as well.


I’ve been having trouble for a while with the interface and with the app crashing. Since the “battle” option became available, I haven’t been able to use either the “explore” or “challenge” buttons on the main interface and whenever I attempt a battle the app crashes. This is the second account I’ve done this with and the last time I contacted support I was asked to make a new account to see if the problem was resolved, which it was temporarily, but again this was only until I reach the level where the “battle” option becomes available. At that point the only way I can access the main adventure is by selecting the training missions on the button on the top right of the interface. Now that those have expired I have no way of getting to the main adventure. I’ve tried all the optimizations suggested earlier, quitting apps, deleting things, clearing caches, etc. it still doesn’t seem to work. So at this point I’m unable to continue with the game. Is this because once the “battle” option becomes available, one has to attempt a battle in order for the other buttons to work again? If this is the case, I can imagine the problem with crashing is what prevents me from going forward with the “explore” option which usually works ok for at least one attempt before the app crashes again.

That didn’t work

I can’t say anything is resolved, it seems like my device is just too old to run the game properly. I don’t have another device updated enough to run it ok unfortunately.

Hey HankWilliams, I’m really sorry to hear that our support team was not able to help you with the issue that you were experiencing, and I understand that acquiring a new mobile device is not an option for you at the moment.

However, if you can get a new device in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and let us know if the issue persists.