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Can’t progress in game


How am I supposed to make progress in the game when I can’t beat the next step because my dragons aren’t powerful enough. But I can’t make my dragons better because I can’t beat the next part.

All of my 4 star dragons are maxed out at 6282 total. I can’t level up the 5 star dragon I have to the fifth star because I don’t have any 3 star scales. I can’t get them because to get them I have to beat 6220 as the last leg of the scale search.

It’s just so frustrating. I enjoy playing but it’s annoying that I can’t move forward anymore.

I first leveled up my toothless to 5* since he requires inly 5 3-star scales… in order to beat the final stage you would need to continue fighting by paying 100 runes. So you will need to save some runes… about 500-700 runes should be enough to get you there

Which 4 stars did you max? Usually a well-composed team of good 4 stars can beat the 3 star scales stage in 4/5 cases.
My team was formed by 4 stars, event dragons (maxed 4 stars and Toothie got to 5 stars within) for a long time and I collected a decent amount of 3 star scales with them. I usually needed revives only for some teams of the blue ones and the purple ones (and did only try the Murky-Murmur-scale-quest once because it was hopeless).

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What’s the deal with the points? I have 6282 and the 3 scale quest is 6220. I’ve never been able to beat anything over 6000.

Either you don’t have the right team or you don’t know how to match tiles in the right way. I have been able to beat nearly every scale quest and resource quest since I was just over 5000bp, even get past many trust event with enemy team at 7200bp. Those with sawmaw and murmurquill are a little harder but even if I don’t defeat them I can collect 3* scales of those color. It may have something to do with my sawmaw at 3*, but before I got sawmaw I could beat some about twenty percent more bp than my team.

BP definitely isn’t the be all end all when it comes to teams. I’ve been collecting 3* scales since around 5700 BP (granted, it wasn’t every single battle. Some had to be repeated, or, in the case of the purple scale quest, sometimes I had to shell out for a revive.)

It’s definitely much more important to focus on teams and each dragon’s abilities. If they stack, how well they work together, etc.

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With stormfly, sawmaw, bombwelter, tripfire(There just isn’t so many good red dragons and I need a healer to ensure the bonus health from stormfly don’t always go to the same dragon) trained to 3* and Toothless trained to 4* I could defeat most quests and it was enough to get 3* scales of every colour. Now I have Toothless trained to 5* and bombwelter trained to 4*, I can defeat all quests without limit on dragons used in battle.