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Can’t purchase boosts anymore?

Just wondering if boosts will be available in store to purchase? I’ve only been able to buy two since the start and was hoping to purchase more. I’ve read that people purchased more then they should have . Is this why they are not available currently for anyone? I’ve added money to my account for these purchases .

Thanks !

They were originally suppose to only be available once a week. Hoping that’s how they’re trying to do it now.

They’re probably trying to figure out a solution to the unlimited boosts that were available for a short time earlier this week.

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Yeah… there was a speed boost bypass… that allowed people to buy speed boosts and a glitch in the store that allowed people to buy unlimited bundles… there still going over their options and will get back us at some point.


We dont actually know for sure that was their plans…

Thats what they let beta testers believe based on how the beta went… the fact that they pulled them down only when the store let people buy unlimited stacks paints a different picture… they let the beta testers be the pr damage control of the initial outrage of boosts and once people had already invested in the systems did we realize they were going to be an every day purchase.

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Yeah that doesn’t seem right and fair ! So they will adjust the boosts for people who took advantage of that bug? I think finding a great balance in this would be nice! I’m a daily player more of an hourly player lol so I shouldn’t miss anything in store :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Thanks for the reply

Weekly seems decent and limited. Hopefully after balancing out what was already purchased in that bug boost spree lol

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If I remember correctly, one of the mods said that them being in the shop everyday was only temporary.

Bad idea regardless, would be less impactful if they were once a week from the start.

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I bet they nerf the boosts way down, especially the speed ones.

Speed boosts at the most should have only gained 1 to 3 points in speed per tier.

Take Thor who has 109. Going 3 per tier. Tier one would make it 112, tier 2, 115, tier 3, 118. Nobody would turn it into an instant monster and none boosted teams can still get some hits in with faster dino’s. Speed boosted dino’s would get more and more of an edge as you boost them and be well worth working for at this rate.

The stupid way they did it, at tier three, I’m already at 130. The problem with this is any none boosted team gets run over with almost no chance. This is just getting too quick too fast. You should have to spend weeks, even months to get past a raptor speed with the slow heavy hitters.

I mean even selling them in the shop for 6 days… thats like having a 6 week headstart on those not buying boosts from the store…

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How are people getting all these speed boosts. I see no availability to purchase. Are they cheating somehow? I’ve got just the one a day from battle incubator and I’m in Aviary.

They got a day of unlimited boosts in a bug. I believe Ludia is working on that 1. Hopefully will see a change soon for that . Also they will more then likely make the area more then stable soon . I’m super inpatient and love the game but right now it’s so hard to battle I was in the top 150 now not even in top 500 . We’re seeing level 24 dinos in the top 50 which isn’t right needs some stability and some level in the matches or matchmaking. They always fix things just priority stuff first bugs then gameplay. I believe this is how they are doing it. Though a lot of issues fixed still more to come :+1:.

Happy hunting