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Can’t purchase bundles

Anyone having issues purchasing bundles? Click on it and just get spinning wheel?

Hello there Stephen_Pearson! If restarting your device doesn’t help, please email our team directly at They’ll be happy to assist!

Same problem, emailed but no reply yet.

Don’t bother. They won’t reply for days as it’s the weekend and I’ll save you the time as this has happened to me twice now with NO help from them.

Step 1: Take a screenshot of your profile name with the # after your in game name and also of your support key in settings on the bottom just in case something happens.

Step 2: You need to uninstall and reinstall the game to fix this. If you are VIP, when you uninstall it will ask you if you want to keep your subscription and say yes.

After you reinstall the game and go through the motions you should be able to buy things again. You screenshot your in game name and support key just in case it doesn’t automatically load your account and have to contact support to recover your account. Mine automatically reloaded my account both times but just in case