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Can’t unlock Kaiwhekea even though I am level 60

I was at level 59, unlocked the super rare aquatic, then levelled to 60 so I should be able to unlock the Kaiwhekea, but there is no battle option for it.
I’ve contacted the help chat but no response in over 12 hours and I don’t want to miss out on the unlock.
Can anyone help or is experiencing similar issue?

Okay. I think that is because you have already completed the event,you could have waited and completed it later.

Anyways,Congrats On the Level Up ! You can now participate in Clash Of Titans .

You have to be at the required level when the event starts, perhaps. I know on the bracketed tournaments, levels are locked in before the tournament starts. Possibly, these are as well.

I’m sure when I was lower level I have unlocked 2 in a day before. I think I’ve seen others talk about it here as well.

I don’t think it is either issue because as soon as you reach the level it becomes available to you.
Look at clash of titans or other pve battles: as soon as you reach the level it unlocks.

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Your username though.