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Can’t upgrade dragons rise of berk

I can’t upgrade the meade hall to level 14 because I don’t have 18 dragons at level 124 any ideas on what I should do?

I feel like I’m missing part of the story because otherwise it would seem that the solution would be to upgrade 18 dragons to level 24… Is there a reason why that isn’t possible?

It’s like I have to upgrade the meade hall to level 14 to get more Vikings for the great forge but I can’t upgrade forge unless I get 1,900 iron and I can’t get anymore iron because my max iron is only 400

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Then can you upgrade your iron storage or any building on berk or build more buildings? It seems you’re far from upgrading meade hall. You would need to upgrade the great forge twice , first requires 15 dragons at 112, second require 18 dragons at 124, before upgrading meade hall.

I have 4,310 Vikings and I need 4,550 and I can’t get anymore Vikings because it’s locked so it’s stopping all the other buildings from being upgraded

Did you check if there’s any building that you didn’t complete upgrading? I had once forgot to tap on the buildings to finish upgrading them and got stuck for a while.

There’s nothing to upgrade when it come to Viking buildings I forgot to build

If you have found out that it’s because you haven’t build the buildings then I’m glad to know the problem is solved.

I mean forgot to build as in I didn’t forget to build anything it’s still messed up

I checked fandom and I think you haven’t complete upgrading all four of your weather vanes. You must have missed one.

I can’t upgrade anything it says I have max Viking houses and I can’t get anymore unless I upgrade the meade hall and I can’t do that without upgrading the iron storage

Can you put all four weather vanes next to each other and take a screenshot of them? If all four are at level 2, then it must be some bug and you should contact support.

I only have 3

If you only have three you shouldn’t have made it this far and you wouldn’t have that many vikings on berk. Look a little more carefully and I believe the problem would be solved when you find it. I have checked mine and I can find 4 of them.

Okay I’m gonna try

Thank u so much man​:sob::sob::sob: I found it thank you!!!

Where did you found that 4 vanes please tell me man i also have same problem

It should be different for everyone. They are not at a fixed place. You can put them anywhere. Even if you never bother to rearrange the buildings and dragons on berk and never put any dragon back to hangar, the location can be different on account of the amount of dragons you put on berk.

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thank you…it did help very much …i think the game should direct u to all the weather vane to upgrade not just 3 bcs most player get confused after building forge lvl 1 and the players go click on add more viking option it just directs u to three weather vane and the option becomes blurred in build viking houses …but the truth is the player actually has 4 weather vanes so the player now gets confused…ludia i hope u fix this small confussion as i explained what the players face …ludia u can fix this prblm in jiffy all u have to do in next update is… after the players upgrading forge 1 and upgrade option appears in build more viking house in game option direct them in upgrading 4 weather vanes they actually have not just three(bcs now in game it directs to 3 and option dissapeared…)

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