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Can‘t wait for the death of evasive


Seriously, I want 1.7 cuz it means the death of evasive/cloak using dinosaurs. Can‘t wait to just destroy them and burn them til there‘s nothing left but some ashes.

Uuurgh, RNG was so rough for me the last week. I‘m somewhere between 4200 and 4300 and even fell back to the ruins a day. That‘s my team…

I can‘t climb up due to the old, well-known schemes…
-my Thor only crits when unnecessary, and then with like 5% chance; opponent’s Thors keep critting with 80% chances
-my Indo and Erlidom barely dodge and if they do, they fail to hit thru opponent‘s cloak/evasive
-Tryko same thing as with Thor
-Tenrex same thing as with Thor
Also, my green chicken failed many times with her stuns, mostly against Trykos. And not to mention the many times my opponent‘s get 5% crits against me…

But yes, main reason for me failing to reach Aviary are the many frakking Indoraptors that evade every frakking time just like opponent‘s Erlidoms. Even the rarely seen Indominus‘ are way more successful than my two evasive users. I really hope it‘ll become better with 1.7. Really curious and excited to try it out once it‘s going to be released.

Oh well, atleast I know 1.7 will give us some new strike abilities and omg I just loooved them from the moment I saw them. I just cannot wait to finally hit back and give my frustration some real space, yikes!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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A fellow pyromaniac? Great.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news… but 1.7 will not be the death of evasive… and certainly not cloak… those that use cloak will still be fine… indo will take a hit but he will still have good match ups


There will only be 1-2 dinos that players will realistically put on their team when they get to Lockwood or higher.
And then it’ll all come down to who gets put on deck.

Precise/Definite will add more counters to cloak/evasive (beyond nullify) but I don’t think it’ll make indo/Indom/Erlidom obsolete.

At first I thought it would as well, but I think it’ll play out differently in reality


This is my take on it as well… you could have 4 dinos with a combination of nullify/precision/ definite and still not get one of them and run into an indo that refuses to get hit.

Plus indos damage and clensing ability is still high enough he can crit face on one of these guys and your answer is gone.


there ya go… sink your stat boosts into indo then. :grin:

might want to do it quick. those magna users are going to be tweaking those speeds.


Naw… my indo is already above team average level… and is ready for another level… my boosts are going to the ones that are under team level for now. I have no intention of raising my team score until have the meta settles.


rending works against them also?

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It will be interesting meta shake up. Expecting even more uses of evasive, cloak. Mostly to avoid counter atacks.


I think cloak/evasive can still (50%) block rending though


No… but raking claws does…

For the cloakers… only definite/nullify/raking claws will hurt them as they are the only ones that remove cloak and thus the 4x damage.

Precision hits through cloak and evasive but does not remove the effects…

So something like dio… will counter erli hard now where before dio still won? Imagine he did but havent had that match up often.

If Dio user anticipates indo properly should easily win… but an indo user could still cloak to avoid the precise counter on turn 1… or ferocious strike…turning it into a mind games match up.


I say that almost every day when I get angry with those freaking dodges :joy:

But Evicton and Hersh are right, it won’t be the death, especially of Cloak… But just the fact that there’ll be more counters makes me happy… Both new Uniques will counter that… I’m going for Geminititan (one day)… Probably will never have an Erlikospyx, but already like it for being able to ignore stupid dodges with a Rampage… When this thing starts appearing out there, it will make many dodgers cry


We have more tools and thats the positive… but realisticly you dont play your dinos into bad matchups. All these guys have bad matchups now… adding a few more into the meta wont make them unplayable… just not the auto include they are right now…


Let me know if you ever need the AmberGina ingredients… got plenty of each :raised_hands:t4:


Thanks, I’m requesting it from time to time x)

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i think it is a huge shot at indo though. considering 8 of the new creatures can hit through dodges and creatures like dracorex, dioraj and tany have been adjusted to combat it aswell.


It’s going to be worse for your team. Everyone but you will have Erlikosphix? (don’t remember its name). So your cloak will be useless while their creatures will keep dodging you.
Unless you bring a saber tiger to your team level soon.


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Haha I can also tell that someone needs a rectal “stick-ectomy” if they decided to flag your relatively mild-mannered post.

This really has become the most tedious generation