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Can’t wait to see new Tier list

We all know where Maxima and Tryko will place, but can’t wait to see how the rest shakes out. Plus I need it bad to know which creatures I can target for boosts.


Spoiler alert. Don’t wait on us to know what to boost, you might be waiting a while :rofl::rofl:


It would be no small job going through this update that’s for sure.


Do we have to wait for weeks or maybe a month? I haven’t used my boosts yet lol

Monomimus will return to apex.

Also will there be a seperate tier list for coop? Like diloracherius and touramoloch are garbage in PvP but excellent in raids.

Usually our goal is to get the tier list out within a couple of weeks (a month at the latest). This time around or goal is to get it out before next patch lol. It’s a LOT of changes and really shakes up how we do things. We might not even organize it the same way any more tbh. Still trying to figure out details before the real work begins.

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That’s def one of the things we are considering.

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A lot of work and things to consider I’m sure. Thank you already!

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Yeah, I was thinking about all of that. You can have something like Diloracheirus or Tuoramoloch which are little more than an annoyance in pVp, but a total clutch in raids. I do not envy the amount if work you guys have ahead of you.

Simple enough put indominus gen 1 in tyrant low at least

go to the top of the leader board. look at what dinos are used most often. those are the best.

Ik but indominus gen 1 has a revenge shattering devastation so it’s unfair if it manages to get the cloak off and then attacks (which it most likely will because people boost its speed too stupid lvls eg 123 so it’s faster than most things)

it’s just armor piercing, not shattering. also there’s a ton of dinos that remove cloak now

This thinking will cause problems as the most accurate way to know the powerful creatures is actually skill tourneys, but gamepress doesn’t do it by sims, it’s by a discord channel with a lot of votes

and there’s the problem that is mortem rex

We do it by a combination of sims, votes, friendly battles, and a TON of discussion.

Spyx, Tenrex, Tryko and Max are high tyrant no doubt

I would not put Spyx and Tenrex anywhere near the same tier as Max and Tryko. Not with the amount of resilient creatures running around.


At least that turn guide is almost done