Can’t we have an AI after 3 losses?

Dear Ludia, I really hope you listen to your players. Today was a very stressful day both at work and at this game. The game takes so much time just to get an incubator, I am not after having high trophy count and with all my consecutive losses I may even go down an arena and be accused of a dropper even I am not. So please please please I really hope that after losing 3 matches in a row you may consider having an AI to relieve us from the stress and anxiety you are causing. Bring this feature back please


I agree. But make it an option, so you can do AI if you want to. Or even better, just make another button for battles with AI.

Here is my idea. 2 separate buttons, one for AI, one for real players. Real players can award the 8 hour and up incubators only, with the best being the gold 24 hour incubator. The AI would award the 15 minute to 8 hour incubator and trophies, but only half as much, and only 2 times a day it would award trophies.