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Can’t win in arena

I keep rerolling opponents that are too strong for me to beat. I keep getting attacked and loosing trophies, since I can’t find anyone I can beat I have no way of getting those trophies back and progressing in the game. It’s super annoying. Anyone else run into this and have a solution?


Im having the same issue. I run out of rolls (even using my runes) to find someone I stand a chance against. It’s super unbalanced. I feel like it should be 5 v 5 always, or if one of your dragons is defeated, the other support dragons should take their place until you run out. That sounds much more fair.


Everyone in my clan is talking about this. Most of us are no longer bothering with the arena. There’s nothing enjoyable about constantly dying and still repeatedly getting matched with teams you have no possibility of beating. image image


The arena is all bad. . I won only one in 10 games. It can’t be played.My team is 1000 points stronger than my opponent. And I still can’t win.


Ever since the " hot fix " they messed it up and it’s now impossible to beat anyone. I used to be able to beat teams almost 1k higher than me, but now I cant even beat teams 1500 lower most of the time. My defensive team also just gets massacred every time now. They had something that worked and like always go and mess it up


1400 above and get totally blown away ! Its ridiculous there is no logical reason that it should happen! I am completely fed up with this Thawfest/Arena thing!

Yeah, even a team almost 1000 lower than my dmg keeps 1 shotting my dragons down in just few turns when I am not even able to get any skills ready. They messed up once again, like they always do.

On top of that I sometimes get the downpanel from the homescreen on top of my dragons so I cant even see the healthbars of my dragons or ability bar. No point in even doing this.

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I’m also having trouble beating anyone, I have literally been trying to tank my rank by putting one dragon on defense just to find some winnable arena matches and I am still getting 8k+ teams only

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Definitely having this problem in our clan.

That happened to me last night as well.

Got a message from the in game support people. Here’s what he said.

“I’d like to let you know that players are matched against others with roughly the same Trophies and rank as they are, so there is sadly no way to have only weaker opponents matched against you all the time. Please know, though, that the total power rating numbers you can see are merely speculative and should not be taken at heart.

Instead, you should look at which Dragon(s) will give you the most trouble and focus on getting rid of those first in wave 1. Then leave 1 Dragon alive (by making gem combinations that avoid the last Dragon) and try to heal back by using Dragons who have healing or heal-over-time ability. This will allow you to effectively get all your Dragons to max spirit before tackling another.”

Ummm… There are no “waves” in arena. As soon as 1 dragon gets knocked out, another takes its place, so there’s no way to charge your dragons like you can do in quests.


Yeah, in game support, that’s not how it works. I just ran 10 fights straight without rerolls. My team isn’t great, but 5800 BP. 2 wins 8 losses. Defense dragons have almost 3k hit points and a 3 match hit does on average 280 damage. There just isn’t any way to do enough damage.

If you look at the top 200 list, almost all the teams have 4 or 5 5 stars maxed out. Not that you wouldn’t expect that, but it’s all about the money.


With the buff the defensive teams get you almost do no damage and can can get killed in one shot. The arena is a joke and a massive fail and should be removed. The game was better before


That answer the support team gave is complete garbage. Last season I had no problems beating reasonably leveled teams. I didn’t get into the top 200, but I made it to silver. This season the very same teams I was beating last time are obliterating my team completely. I have a 6k team, no reason a 4700 team should be a struggle, and anything above that impossible. They broke something and don’t want to admit it.


Me too. And I cancelled my subscription because the game isn’t worth it anymore.

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Well we made jokes about them not playing their own game, but I guess this confirms it… Just wow

@Marcus any pr response for your support team’s response or is this why we aren’t allowed to post in game support chat on the forum?


Oops. I didn’t know we aren’t allowed to post in game support in here. Although that seems weird. Figured other people who were having the same problem would want to know the ‘answer’.

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Yeah. It is a weird rule they have

Just put 1 dragon in for defense and then revenge all your loses. Who cares about trophies…I just want medals