Can the AI be boosted?

Are there boosted AI?

Yes AI is boosted in the aviary. I played some yesterday with speed in the 150s. Didnt go well.

Ugh. Thanks. I was afraid this was the case. Currently going up against Level 25 boosted dinos with my Level 22 unboosted…

AI was boosted in Sorna Marshes also. Back when we had that option after two losses anyway. We do not have an AI option now.

The few times I fought AI they were boosted. I was confused and thought I was fighting an actual player.

They are never more than a few tiers and I have never lost. I didn’t know they weren’t boosted in lower arenas :slight_smile:
Anyone ever lost to the AI in the arena?

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AI is boosted in Sorna Marshes.

I’ve never lost to the boosted ai either and have also found their boosts to never be past t2 (or t3 maybe).

Part of the reason is that the ai is dumb - swapping when they don’t need to or swapping to a dino that has a bleed even though I’m immune or something like that. That and they don’t use their move sets well at all

i play a.i. often in low aviary.

it’s a free coin/incubator, because ludia’s code create lower dinos against mine. my boosted thor, erlidom, tryko, procera, utasino… against boosted einiasuchus, sinoceratops, edmontoguanodon, stygimoloch, and some bizarre choices like that.

to be similar with pvp arena, should select similar dinos, but i think Ludia do this easy as apologizing for not matching me against a real player.

“we apologize for our matchmaker didn’t work again. here is your fun battle and easy incubator, thank you for your patience.”