Can the Carnotaurus get like an epic hybrid?


I would really like if the Carnotaurus got an actual good hybrid. Carno is one of my favorite dinosaurs and I have some extra DNA for him I don’t need as of now.


Nooooo it needs a legendary then a unique!! It’s my favorite!!


They need to give us more relevant dna ingredients first before they make uniques and legendary :rofl:


Likely the hybrid will be with pyroraptor like in their other game.

Glad to see some carnotaurus love!


While we are on topic of this week’s event dino getting a hybrid, can we please have a great hybrid for Concavenator too? :star_struck:


Son of Concavenator and Carnotaurus … with a splash of Secondo-whatever …


They can make a legendary out of Concavenator and Carnotaurus, and then blend it with Secodolosaurus to turn it into a Unique. Maybe include Gryposuchu, Koolasuchus and Spinoraptor Gen 2 somewhere too


Koola is needed … just to upset all the naysayers …


I leveled mine to 20, if there ever is a Unique coming using that, I’ve got 2000 more dna on standby :rofl: I don’t know why I keep getting it in scent capsules and incubators


Carno + triceratops gen 2 + pterano = carnodiabolos


I’d like a Carnotaurus + Tany epic hybrid, it’ll be similar to the “Carnoraptor” in JWTG I guess.