Can the nemys stun be 100%?


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I’ve posted before about how swap in stun is the only swap in ability that is not guaranteed to work.

It needs to be acute.


True but does it really need another buff after the changes that made it a monster this update

Cause then you give Phorusaura and Eddie 100% and Eddie I’m fine with but Phorusaura being able to stun 100% ya no


Ok smart guy - why one but not the other?


One does 3,000k damages per rampage for which it has two of, it has SS, a base speed of 130, apriority move, can cleanse, speed up and dodge 100% of the time and is immune to swap provetion

Compare that to some that has 1,100 attack it’s rampage is a stun in an IMMUNE meta, that rampages cools down is three and who’s run move got nerfed and is 107 speed


Then nemys can slow for two turns, shield 50% plus has 50% armor, Can go thru evasion, and distract at the same time, does 1,200 damage, has two rampages and is now double immune with immune to stuns and immune slow, it can also cleanse and dodge and increase its crit Chance with DP and has a base speed of 127

So if guano’s stunning rampage is useless in a stunning meta - wouldn’t that mean phorus’ swap in stun is? As well as guano’s AND nemy’s? AND the stunning rampage does damage! A swap in stun does no damage, but if it fails? A world of hurt comes your way.

If it’s an immune meta, why not give all swap in’s acute stun, since the majority of opponents won’t be effected by it?

Let’s see… gemini? nope. Maxima? no… Indos 1 and 2? immune. Erlidom, magna, and tryos? That’s a big negative. Procera? Guess again. Honestly, most of the teams I face generally only have 2 dinos that can be stunned - thor and tryko. I run into the odd stegod and DC, but very rarely. Oh, dioraja can be too, but that’s not too common either.

As far as nemys - one chomp from a boosted thor and it’s nearly dead. So OP. :roll_eyes: But again, immune meta, so those slowing moves you bring up? Moot point.


Key word boosted plus it distracts sooo

yeah, because no one bothers to boost their thor.


Lol and no one would boost their nemys either right like who be crazy enough to do that

It should be 75% and not 100% in my opinion. 100% stun chance would just make some creatures like Phorusaura overpowered.


Agree, because swap in stun compared to swap in stunning strike has the same stun % but doesn’t do damage

Edit: do not want 100% stun, but 75% only

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It should be 100% for the non damaging swap in stuns. Phora has poor health and can be stunned and distracted itself. Nemys can be distracted so not that OP…

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Phora has 3900 HP stat with 130 speed, compare to Spyx wich has 3000 HP stat and 129 speed Phora has a great HP stat with of course 2 rampages with one who has priority

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Still it can be stunned, bled and distracted .

100% must be implemented on Edmontoguana. So a stunning move that if fails, it is guaranteed to receive a massive blow.

At least if stun doesn’t work, let her abandon the match

Ya but it can just side step

It literally has the same health as indo same with nemys and nemys has 50% armor and two immunities

Phorusa totally needs a nerf. A minor hp one. That is it